Nomahegan Swim Club was established in 1962, when a group of families got together and purchased thirteen acres of land. The construction of the pool was financed by second mortgages taken out by the members of the First Board of Governors on their homes. Initially, approximately three hundred families joined the club.

The pool was built by Sylvan Pools. At the time, it was the largest poured concrete pool in the world. It won a first place architectural design award and was featured in Life Magazine. The late William R. Kennedy, an Engineer, was presented a National Gold Medal for design excellence by Nomahegan Swim Club in 1962.

Since its inception, Nomahegan Swim Club has placed a strong emphasis on its swimming programs. It continues to offer free swim lessons for children and has a competitive swim and dive team.

During the past few years, Nomahegan Swim Club has also placed a strong emphasis on its tennis program. It maintains six tennis courts and a staff of professionals has been in charge of providing excellent tennis instruction and programs.

At the present time, there are almost five hundred families that are members of the club. In addition to swimming/diving and tennis, Nomahegan Swim Club has an excellent social program, arts and crafts program and onsite concession stand for its members and guests.